Word of the Year; Kind Of Lame, But So Effective

Love - My 2021 Word of the Year

Okay, so along with the 21 for 2021 list, I have a second New Year’s ritual that again makes my life better in multiple ways.

Bird is the word.
Just kidding. That is a joke.
Bird is not (necessarily) the word.

But it’s pretty self explanatory.
You just have to make one decision.
Pick a word.

2021 Word of the Year

That’s it.
A word, a phrase even (but probably not an entire sentence), that you want to define your upcoming year.
And then you use your word of the year to help you make decisions, or direct your behaviour, or as your focus when you need one.

In 2019 I picked nature and spent so many more hours outside than I normally would have.
Reading books on the grass, instead of in the house, walking, playing with my kids, eating meals, daydreaming in the hammock, camping…
Whenever I had the option, I chose to be outside, or close to nature, or bringing nature into my environment.
Simple, but it changed my life for the better for sure.
It also just became part of me.
Turns out, that if you adopt a way of thinking for an entire 365 days, it sticks with you.

2020 I picked work.
Not as in like, career work.
Work as in werk.
I really wanted to hold myself accountable, and get some shit done for our lives, even if it felt hard and I didn’t want to in the moment.
I mean, I lead a super simple life.  I’m not the epitome of productivity at all.
But I did clear out a bunch of the cobwebs (I outright dropped some too), and pushed myself to do the work to make our lives better.
Now that the year is over, I have a feeling of lightness, which, is pretty awesome (kind of a miracle coming out of 2020 actually).
And although it served me really well in 2020, I’m intentionally stopping myself from carrying this one on.
Back to focusing on enjoying moments, rather than getting the most stuff completed.

This year I’m picking love.
I want to be more patient and kind.
I’m going to attempt to act from love (instead of anger, or annoyance, or whatever) every time I get the chance.
Seems obvious.
But now that I’ve emphasized it, it should stick in the front of my mind.
And hopefully, being patient and kind, even when I feel angry, will just end up being part of me.

Love - My 2021 Word of the Year

I’m not super creative, so the words I’ve used for word of the year, are very literal.
You don’t have to do that.
I’ve heard of people using numbers, double entendres, inside jokes, etc.
Whatever inspires you.

Do you pick a word or have any other New Year’s rituals?
Do they help to make your days more joyful?

P.S.  Again, not my concept.  See the Happier Podcast

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