Barefoot House Tour – The Front Foyer

Just to be clear, ‘foyer’ is not a word that I think I have ever used.
I tried front entry, but that seemed like it would be about the outside, so I’m stuck with foyer.
Until I learn how to use a thesaurus. 

Anyway, the front foyer.
The original post about our vision is here.

There were no surprises in building this part.
It ended up pretty close to how we imagined.

Big window, closets, space, and a good wide connection to the rest of the house.
I really love that it is big enough to welcome people in, and have room to take off and hang or put on jackets and shoes.

It has been dark grey since the beginning.
One winter I wanted light so I painted it white and it looked so bad.
It is north facing so it looked super dingy.
Now it is a darker grey than original.  Almost black.

The door was painted a few times too.

Walnut doors



Console Table

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